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Posted by on 18 June 2014

Captain Ranks Top 9 Athletes that would never get laid if they weren’t Athletes .

Well we all know that athletes are the cream of the crop when it comes to pulling top tail but usually that’s because they are good looking guys with incredible bodies but here is a list of the top Athletes[...]

NBA star Steve Nash trains with Whitecaps FC prospects in Vancouver

Posted by on 16 June 2014

Captain Ranks All USA Soccer team(Non Soccer Players)

Well sticking with the World Cup Theme the Captain gives you the 11 super star US athletes he would love to see on the pitch to represent this great country and bring home our first World Cup Trophy . Words[...]

Soccer Wags

Posted by on 13 June 2014

Captain Ranks Top 9 Hottest Wags in Soccer

We all know that soccer players are the biggest pussies but they also get the most pussy at least in other countries. But for years Soccer players Wags have been above and beyond the hottest of hot women in the[...]


Posted by on 13 May 2013

Captain Ranks Top 10 Al Pacino movies

Last week we gave you Deniro’s top 10 so today we give you Pacino’s . Pacino’s list was a little easier breaking down to 10 but it was harder to rank them.  Pacino’s roles aren’t as diverse as Deniro but[...]


Posted by on 10 May 2013

Captain Ranks Top 10 Robert Deniro Movies

My good old pal Bobby D has done some amazing work over the years. It is almost impossible to narrow his list of movies down to just 10 but i will give it a try. I know i’m going to[...]


Posted by on 7 May 2013

Captain Ranks Top 10 Comments From Charles Ramsey

Ok let the Captain start by saying this is a great miracle that these girls were found alive. Its very rare that any missing girl every pops up alive especially after 10 years. But this Charles Ramsey guy is Stealing[...]